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How Many Carbs in Alcohol

How Many Carbs are in Alcohol

  OK here is the low down from the research i have done. Wine is lower in carbs than Beer. Spirits like Vodka have…

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Eating Clean is Boring

I’ve tried preparing meals and pre planning for the week but you cannot plan for boredom. This blog is about me trying to make…

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Should I Eat More If I Exercise

Should I Eat More If I Exercise? If you are like me and have Strava Linked to your MyFitnessPal you will have this scenario….

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Cows Milk Vs Soy Milk

For starters the 3 great things about Soy Milk is that its a good source of protein, vitamin A, B12, vitamin D, and potassium. Hi contains…

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An alternative to Cows Milk My Alpro review

I have been asking myself for the last month a “should I stop drinking milk?” Cows milk that’s is. Here is An alternative to Cows…

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I love Sushi, always have since my sister took me when I was a teenager. Sceptic me at first but grew to love it….

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My latest delivery from MYPROTEIN

Very chuffed to receive my MyProtein deliver 24 hours after ordering! Diet Whey protein  2 large scoops to milk or water in a shaker…

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Slimming world crispy prawns

Ingredients Prawns (obviously) Smash Salt Pepper Garlic salt Chilli flakes Measurements are loose depends on how you like it to taste

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