Marathon Training day 16 – Rothwell and Oulton

It’s great to run in different places it is really important to mix up your running locations because we can get bored so easily….

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New trainers! Asics Gt-1000 4, Men’s Running Shoes

Love new trainer day! Stupidly went to the traffors centre wearing thick walking socks so struggled to find a comfy pair after trying several…

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Wet night and snail trails – Day 13 of training

Horrible night tonight – pouring down and I was absolutely shattered. My motivation was non existent and I really could not be arsed. One…

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Day 12 of my Marathon Training 

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Day 11 – long Sunday run

I say long 50 minutes is the longest I have in my schedule to date but really thinking j need to increase this now…

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Day 9 Marathon Training – Time to invest!

40 minutes run done and dusted, was hard getting it of bed but the thought of missing 1 days training would really frustrate me….

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Day 8 of Marathon Training

So I did the full 65 minutes of running instead of 35 on the bike and 30 running. Shattered and if honest could t…

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Marathon Training day 7

Tough run today! My legs are shattered really really heavy just needed to do my 40 minutes I wasn’t even thinking about distance it…

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Marathon Training day 6

Marathon Training day 6 consisted of a 50minute run followed by a 40 minute walk around Middlewich. Great night for it – sky was clear…

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Marathon Traing day 4


Morning! Feeling really good after that run, it started to rain and when I say rain I mean pour down. I think I prefer…

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