Cows Milk Vs Soy Milk

For starters the 3 great things about Soy Milk is that its a good source of protein, vitamin A, B12, vitamin D, and potassium. Hi contains nearly as much protein as Cows’s Milk, BUT it is lower in calories than whole milk and on par to skimmed milk. Soy Milk has NO no cholesterol, which is important for those with heart conditions or anyone wanting to prevent one!

Comparison on Nutrients

They both have similar nutrients. Each type of milk gives 8 grams protein per glass and has the benefit of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B-12 and phosphorous – All except skimmed milk. Cows milk contains cholesterol and saturated fat which Soy Milk does not.


Cows milk contains more calories than soy milk – BUT if you are trying to loose weight a study in 2011 shows cows milk to be more beneficial BUT another study shows that soy milk helps reduce your waist line


Cows milk is better for you than soy! the natural Whey protein in it is more effective for promoting muscle gain – see here for more info

My challenge

My test will be trying soy milk for a month and then the month after switching to full fat milk to see which i prefer and which gets the best results for me.