Ben Nevis Gear

Clothes and Gear to take to Ben Nevis

Clothes wearing on Friday Friday Clothes for drive and night Trainers Sock boxers Tshirt Shorts Jumper Camping Tent DONE Stove (small)DONE X3 single airbeds…

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Entwistle Resevouir and Strawbury Duck pub

Great walk with the family around the Resevoiur yesterday. Finished off with the pub at the end. Happy days. 

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Ben Bevis

Ben Nevis

write my essays

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Wetton Hill and Thor’s Cave

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The Tour Of Britain Comes To Middlewich

Middlewich celebrated Stage 3 of The Tour of Britain today as cyclists from all over the world raced through. The Tour is the UK’s largest…

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Does music help you run faster than a podcast

Yes! Simple answer really. Check out the difference between listening to a podcast and running music on Spotify For the first 2 miles I…

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Eating Clean is Boring

I’ve tried preparing meals and pre planning for the week but you cannot plan for boredom. This blog is about me trying to make…

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Decking Project

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This is amazing.. Just need a smelter now..


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Run 25 down 

Tough gettin ready and out tonight after tea and a tough week at Citizen. My legs are feeling really good and think I can…

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