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coc hack without verification

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How to make tennis ball

Украина новости

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Run Tatton – time to advance my training

I was talking to my mate over email as you do and realised all my organised event running is next year. I need to…

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I could watch this all day

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Training Run 23

Really quick pace tonight even thou going out late was hard! Didn’t take any mypre or energel etc due to me not being able…

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Lovely day for a run

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Should I Eat More If I Exercise

Should I Eat More If I Exercise? If you are like me and have Strava Linked to your MyFitnessPal you will have this scenario….

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Marathon Training day 16 – Rothwell and Oulton

It’s great to run in different places it is really important to mix up your running locations because we can get bored so easily….

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Morning Ride TrIning Day 15

Day 15 of my training was a 50 minute bike ride. Stunning day for it! Had two Thermopure before starter which got me going…

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Are you a John Wayne type teacher?

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