Should I Eat More If I Exercise?

If you are like me and have Strava Linked to your MyFitnessPal you will have this scenario.

You go for a mega long run – burn 1500 calories and then check your MyFitnessPal app and wooo hoo you have an extra 1500 to eat – Whoop 6 Mars Bars! erm No! stop right there.


If you eat for example 2000 calories, then you add back 600 calories that you burned from smashing out a great run, you are now eating 2600 calories which is MORE than your entire TDEE (The number of calories you burn in a day scaling BMR to level of your activity. This is the number of calories you need on a daily basis to maintain your current weight). If you do this, you are no longer in a caloric deficit and no longer burning fat. So unlink Strava from your MyFitnessPal now.